David Pine – Production General Manager, Ability

david pine

How long have you been with GDHV?

17 years.

What does your role involve?

Managing purchasing and logistics operations, manufacturing activities and having responsibility for everyone onsite. My role is ultimately about creating an environment where we succeed - Implementing new policies and procedures, creating forums where feedback can be obtained and then actioned, ensuring communication is relayed to everyone in the team and improving the overall quality of the working environment.

What’s great about your job?

My work has an impact - I can influence the working environment, including the cultures within the manufacturing environment and overall site. I also get the opportunity to network with multiple people throughout the organisation, sharing information and obtaining advice and opinions from an array of experience and sources. I’ve found this extremely helpful in my own personal development as well as my work.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of joining GDHV?

We are by no means perfect but if you want to be a part of an organisation that is always looking to continuously improve, always asking “what’s next” and seeking feedback from everyone to improve the working environment, then you will be a good fit at GDHV.