Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation



Along with many other businesses and brands worldwide, the last 12 months have presented us with many challenges. Keeping our customers and colleagues safe has been our top priority and to achieve this, we have had to implement new ways of working, make changes to our production and deploy most of our Customer Support teams to home working.

As the various national restrictions gradually ease, we will be carrying out any repair visits that could not be completed due to Covid-19 restrictions. Although the easing of restrictions is very welcome, we are still facing a number of challenges.

Global supply chains remain severely stretched because of the worldwide pandemic and many other impacts. Raw materials and a vast number of components are in short supply, which significantly impacts availability and lead-times. This is creating a knock-on effect on our ability to provide service to our customers and end-users in several ways:

  • Reduced availability of certain products or spares means they are out of stock for an indeterminate period, meaning we may be unable to complete the repair or offer an alternative
  • Delivery times on orders may be extended due to logistics and freight issues
  • Replies to emails and customer queries may take longer than usual whilst we experience this ongoing high demand

We apologise for any issues this may cause you. We are committed to ensuring we care for our most vulnerable customers first, basing our response on individual circumstances and giving priority to those with a total lack of heating or hot water. We have more colleagues than ever available to take calls and offer advice, but due to the often technical nature of calls, we ask you to please be patient with our colleagues. 

Please be assured that if you report an issue to us either by telephone or email and we need to offer a spare part or a repair visit, in the event of any delays your product guarantee term will automatically be extended.

Thank you for your patience - please read our full update for more information and recommendations that may speed up how we can help you.